Integration Guide

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Meraki + Video AI

Connect, collect,
monitor, and transform.

This documentation will guide you step by step with configuring the Meraki MV Cameras with OnStak’s Video Ai.

OnStak's software is a next-generation low code AI & IoT enablement platform with an advanced video analytics solution converting video into actionable intelligence. The OnStak video analytics solution, also called Video Ai, offers seamless integration with Meraki MV cameras using various integration methods provided by Meraki.

Following are our current integrations with Meraki :

  • MV Sense MQTT
  • Webhooks
  • RTSP streams

Required for Onboarding: 

If you have any questions regarding your Cisco Meraki smart camera or any issues accessing your account, please connect with our support team.


2nd Generation Cisco Meraki
Smart Camera

(MV12, MV12W, MV22, MV72)

MV Sense License

Learn more about MV Sense 

Admin access to the Cisco Meraki Smart Camera

Getting the Meraki API Key


  1. Go to Meraki Dashboard

  2. Select Organization from the left menu

  3. Click Settings under the configure section

  4. On the settings page, scroll to Dashboard API Access

  5. Click enable access to Cisco Meraki Dashboard API

  6. Now click on the green link to go back to your profile, scroll to a section called API access and click Generate a new API key

  7. Copy API key in a safe place you will need it while registering in the OnStak Video Ai platform

Configure Meraki + OnStak


  1. Go to Meraki Dashboard

  2. Select Administration from the left menu, then click Integrations

  3. In the top-left toolbar, click Create to create a new integration.

  4. Be sure to select Cisco Meraki frrom the dropdown, and give the integration a user-friendly name

  5. Provide API Key from previous step

  6. Select Organization and Network

  7. Copy MQTT broker information from the MQTT section, this will be required on the Meraki Dashboard

Set up MV Sense MQTT


MQTT is a powerful method for getting the real-time events from Meraki for further analytics in the OnStak Video Ai platform.

  1. Start by navigating to Cameras → Monitor → Cameras and selecting the camera you would like to enable MV Sense on.

  2. Once the camera is selected, go to Settings → Sense and click Enabled.*

  3. In the top-left toolbar, click Create to create a new integration.

  4. To enable MQTT on your camera and create a new MQTT broker configuration click Add or edit MQTT Brokers.

  5. On the Camera profile page, click Settings

  6. Enter the following info for OnStak Video Ai broker provided earlier:

    1. Broker Name 
    2. Host (IP address or hostname)
    3. Port - TCP port number for MQTT
    4. Security - Enable or disable TLS.
      1. When enabling TLS, upload a CA-signed cert for the broker and choose hostname verification.
  7. Be sure to test the connection between the camera and the broker to ensure proper communication.

 If this is your organization’s first time using MV Sense, you will have 10 free perpetual licenses available to use. If you have exceeded this 10 free license count, you must activate more licenses by navigating to Organization → Configure → License info and claiming more licenses.